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Design your Own Challenge

Do you have any IDEA? You believe your idea can be a breakthrough in a particular Industry, Organization, Social Sector or Public?
Do you facing a problem which effects your growth ratio.
Do you need bright ideas in a particular section?
Cyber Tacticals is for you to Design Your own Challenge. Crowd Fund it & make your thoughts a reality. Be part of the futurist technology changing lifestyles.
The Benefit of Crowd Sourcing your problem is that it will be addressed by Masses. Thousands of People from different backgrounds will Brain storming ideas. And the second part of Crowd Sourcing is that the Best of the best solution wins. You never pay for a failure.

Why Crowd sourcing?

The Most Advanced Countries,  
Organizations & Companies are looking for  
Innovative Concepts & Ideas & thousands of  
people are Brain storming for a best solution to  
a particular, Problem.
And the Best Solution WINS!
On the other hand The big  
Industries, Public & Private Sectors & Non-
Government Organizations needs Solutions to  
their problems (the problems & challenges that  
this planet is facing), to Solve these issues,  
either they have to recruit a large amount of  
brilliant people who could think about  
innovative Solutions (while the success ratio  
remains Narrow and recruiting staff is too much  
expensive) or these companies & institutions  
Crowd Source their Problems among the masses  
for an Incentive Reward. The amazing feature of  
Crowd Sourcing is that you never pay for a  
Failure! Once you find a solution to your  
problem you pay.
Another amazing aspect of Crowd Sourcing is  
the Competitive environment which may be  
consider as playground for Innovators. This make  
the business a Fun to participate & is ideal for  
students because they participate to find  
solution to real world problem. The Universities  
& Colleges are the Ideal to offer participation in  
these Crowd Sourcing Challenges to their  
Shaping the futureThe future is ours!
It is absolutely true that  
Crowd Sourcing is shaping the Future of this  
planet. Crowd sourcing is Facilitating to the  
solutions of the Worlds most emergent  
problems. CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS Global,  
however is Innovative platform for Innovations.  
It is a Model for Massive Crowd contribution to  
solve a similar and mutual problem. It is the  
Futuristic platform of future innovations. It is  
Ideal for idealistic projects.

Why us?

Swat Youth Society is a Volunteer organization working on development of youth. We have so far introduced services & capacity building for our youth. We bring opportunities from all around the world & share with our Youth. They Combine Teams of Innovators & interrupters Who further contest a particular Competition. We bring all the informative materials, Education & resources as well as Experts Workshops which create further a much learning experience
On the other hand while working as Innovator for problem solution they are exposed to a educational activity to address problems to a real world. We are keen to make our youth bright mind & to make them part of futurist ideas & innovation which will have impact of sustain able future.
This type vision & mission is rare in Pakistan, proudly we are the only who are keen to make experts of future from our youth. For this reason we crated CyberTacticals in order to provide our responsibilities that we adhere as human being for improvement to a sustain able future.
Microbes are theories & Ideas which will lead the future of technologies. They are Small applications having a big impact. Swat Youth Society involve youth for Development of Microbes.
As we are in our birth stage now. We rely on Out sourced Challenge Competitions but soon we will launch our own competetions.

How it will work

User friendly & simplicity is the key function of Cyber Tacticals. Tactics that can make your Idea come to reality. Tactics that can bring change to economy & growth. Tactics for future sustain ability.
Here are few words the way it works.
1. Easy to Launch a Challenge.
Fill the Required form, provide information & you are launched.
2. Crowd to Crowd Social Network.
The program is designed to share each and every Challenge in to Social Media of the Innovators & users. It means that Friends of Friends of Friends of an Innovator are being informed through ADD-INN Social Media Tagging.
3. Crowd Funding:-
Any one who need to solve a problem community have but lack the available funds, hence we have designed a Crowd Funded system with embedded Financial tools like Credit card , PayPal , Epay , Easy Paisa, Moneybookers & Many other Merchant accounts.
4. A Dedicated Dash board.
A Tailored dash board keeps your work handy. Every time the Investor is in key relation with all sort of activities on board.
5. Judging System
Investor Design a Pre-Judging Criteria & hires Free Judges to select the winner. It is itself Automation system.

Terms & conditions

Swat Youth Society Members can participate in Contests as a team of Swat Youth Society. Cyber Tacticals & Microbes are Projects Voluntarily hosted by Swat Youth Society to bring sufficient opportunities of freedom of work & to make the work a positive sign of change.
Registration & Memberships of Swat youth Society are free. Anyone from anywhere can become a Member.
If a particular team wins a competition, all  the winning amount (except 10% of Donation to Society )is solely the ownership of the competitors themselves. The Winning amount will be equally distributed among the member of a team who wins a Competition.

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