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Teach English to Japan

The Government Of Japan need Novel approach to ts existing system to Educate Japanese School Student to Learn English. Japanese Language is Phonetic.  Most of English words are unknown to Japanese. The Teachers as well as students finds it hard when they are encountering English in their Daily lives. Swat Youth Society Aims to participate in the Competitions related to Learn English for Japanese. We already have some brilliant Innovators on board how ever who know you have the key skill we need to success. If you think you have a Novel solution and can address a problem using innovative technology then Join in one of our Teams who have Participated in the Concerned competetion.

Crowd Sourcing conflicts

Help People who are in Conflict.
How can we Help to protect people from Bomb blasts & Street killings in a Conflict?
How to analyze real time Threat in a War Scenario?

We need a Novel approach to Design a Real Threat Generating system capable of Analysis of various Conflict Situation. Generates a Threat & communicate the same to Law Enforcement agencies while keeping the public safe.

Mental Wellbeing in a workplace

Most of People who are on key post suffer Mental Disease because of stress & depression during their work. Mostly the Lawyers are effected because of stress in their workplace.
We need to promote healthy habitat in a Workplace. Your Idea my be a change. It may bring Solution to this world most pressing problem.

Out Sourced Challenges

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    Swat Youth Society Members can participate in Contests as a team of Swat Youth Society. Cyber Tacticals & Microbes are Projects Voluntarily hosted by Swat Youth Society to bring sufficient opportunities of freedom of work & to make the work a positive sign of change.
    Registration & Memberships of Swat youth Society are free. Anyone from anywhere can become a Member.
    If a particular team wins a competition, all  the winning amount (except 10% of Donation to Society )is solely the ownership of the competitors themselves. The Winning amount will be equally districted among the member of a team who wins a Competition.

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