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Microbes are Small Applications having a very Big Impact on a Sustainable Growth of Society, Economy & business Eco System.

Today The Most advance Societies are looking for Innovation that may have Impact on Future Sustainability. We are living in a world where the future is Un predictable.
Swat Youth Society took the initiative to join hands of Problem Solving Community. So far we have participated in Dozens of Global Competitions from which we have learned so many Skills & today we are counted to active participants of Innovative Change.
The Concept of MICROBES is very clear, It is for Technology & skill Developers who can design Small Mobile Applications that can be further Sold on a Share base.
For Example
We need a Novel approach to Educate Students to learn English in Japan. This application may also help the Teachers to adopt very easy technology that can further help Japanese Education system. We are designing a Mobile App that will Help Solve this problem.
Similarly if you have any defining skill & can design Join our team of enterprennurrs.

Mobile APPS & Software

There are two categories in which anyone with experties can Join as a Partner in Share. Mobile Applications & Software Development.
Below are some of the Ideas that are currently under Development but are not limited to:-

1.  A Novel Tourism Application.
This application will help people to find the Best Destinations for their Trips & Tours. How ever innovation is added. It is a Community Driven approach to Tourism. It will address The Tourists & the Community to Pair themselves and plan their trip. It is Specially Design to Solve Community Tourism in Jamaica.

2. A Flipp O Tell Japanese to English Dictionary , E Learner & Community Developed Phonetic English for Japan.

3. IOT Internet applications.
Mobile Apps to Control Kitchen Electronics, Home Fluids & Natural Gas in home. It will address the security measures in using Electricity, Electronics & Gas consumption in a house hold.

Categories & Industries

1. Mobile APP Development
2. Data Science
3. Internet of Things
4. Augmented Reality
5. Virtual Reality
6. Intelligent Systems.
7. Cyber Security