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Skill Management

We are proud to Announce SOLVE THE PROBE Section of our Services. It is the First of its kind a Skill Match Making Service. Here Job Seekers find the best jobs & competitions that Match to their skills while industries E Source their Problems.
There are two type of Pair Making Services.
1. Join a team (for competitors & Innovators)
2. Solve a Problem for innovators.

Skill Auction

If it is hard for you to find the best place where you fit. If you cannot manage to Join another Team as Innovator & even if you do not have Software Development & App Development Skills to become a Partner Entrepreneur, This Place is for you.
Just upload any of your Skill & we will place it in our AUCTION DASH BOARD.
People who are looking for similar Match will find you using our Skill Match Making Service.

Our Services for Innovators

Innovators are our key audience. We design below services for Innovators:-

1. Join a Team & compete in Crowd Sourcing Challenges.
2. Apply to SOLVE THE PROBE service & work on your Own Solo worker system.
3. Develop a Mobile APP or Software & join us as Share Partner.
4. Upload any type of Skill that you have & we will place it in our Skill Auction Sytem.

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